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  Belle testbeam at SPS in June 2015, Page 1 of 6  Not logged in ELOG logo
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ID Date Author Project Subject Run Numberup Events XYPosition Cooling Data
  1   Tue May 12 10:27:39 2015 Benedikt WürknerSVD3 (H6B)Setup information    Unknown

Information concerning the SVD3 setup during a beam test

In the beam area setup the whole crate and the power supply with the usual spider cable and the two Keithly 2410 high voltage supplies. Monitoring of the 2410 happens via a NI MAX interface that connects to the GPIB-Ethernet interface and needs to be configured there. The IP and password are noted on the device. The software can be found on heros in medialib/LONGTERM/longterm R3.1_doubleSided as a normal *.vi file. 

Default adresses 16 and 17 as defined in labview, need to figure out on site which is which, if the voltage selected (e.g. 100V) is applied as +50/-50 or if it is applied as +100/-100 before connecting the cables. 

Take a run without dut as well to check the telescope integrity. Without dut in beamline!!!!!

  2   Wed Jun 3 10:48:42 2015 Benedikt WürknercommonNetworking    Unknown

WLAN Router:

SSID: Hephy

password: 20supersecret14

DHCP Range: to 239

Netmask: /24

DNS Server:


external IP: (für diverse Port Forwardings)


Manuell vergebene IP Adressen bitte unbedingt Benni mitteilen oder/und in der folgenden Tabelle eintragen! 

IP/MAC Zuweisung:

IP Machine/Name intern Port Forwarding (aussen) SVD Kenwood  VNC(5900)  VNC(9000) SVD3 DAQ  VNC(5900)  VNC(9001) TUX DAQ  VNC(5900), VNC(5901), SSH(22)  VNC(9009), VNC(9002), SSH(9003), Belle XY Tisch TUXOA  SSH(22), VNC(5900)  SSH(9004), VNC(9012) JTAG Server alixcool slowcontrol  VNC(5900)  VNC(9005) CAEN Power supply zenpixelwiki  SSH(22), VNC(5900)  SSH(9006), VNC(9008) TLU (pcx25042, XY)  VNC(5900)  VNC(9007) Cooling control PC VNC(5900) VNC(9011) NI GPIB - ENET / 1000 Printserver  VNC(5900)  VNC(9010) Aida PC   vnc(5900)


Admin Zugang Wlan Router:


Username: admin

password: Hephy2014


  3   Wed Jun 3 17:23:07 2015 Thomas BergauerBelle II FADC (H6A)XY stage positions    Unknown

x-Achse: positiv Richtung Saleve (counting room)

y-Achse: positiv Richtung UNTEN!!


position of laddertestbox xy stages:

Rev. Pos (BWD Sensor, BWD, Oben) x= 82.3, y=110.6

Mitte Sensor:

Pos 1: (mitte BWD sensor): x=144.74, y=80.8

Pos 2: (mitte Origami -z): x=269.62, y=80.8

Pos 3: (mitte Origami ce): x=394.42, y=80.8

Pos 4 (mitte FWD Micron Sensor): x=517, y=80.8


Pos 5 (Ecke BWD sensor): x=92.3, y=105.6

Pos 6 (Ecke Origami -z): x=217.18, y=105.6

Pos 7 (Ecke Origami ce): x=342.06, y=105.6

Pos 8 (Ecke FWD sensor): x=467,62, y=56,3 

Pos 9 (Ecke FWD sensor): x=568,33 y=64,48

  9   Thu Jun 4 18:49:03 2015 Benedikt WürknerSVD3 (H6B)Setup    Unknown
  36   Sun Jun 7 14:44:29 2015 Thomas BergauerSVD3 (H6B)XY Stage and DUT Positions    Unknown

Coordinate system:

pos x-Direction = Jura side

pos y-Direction = Down

Zero-point is in the top right corner in Beam direction


absolute Position of PI Stages:

Pos 1: x=100 mm, y=79 mm (Hits in APV 3 und 8-9 in p-Seite und 14 und 17 in n-Seite )

Pos 2: x=69.3 mm, y=79 mm (Hits in APV 3-4 und 8-9 in p-Seite und 13 und 18 in n-Seite) 

Pos 3: x=38.6 mm, y=84 mm

Pos 4: x=130.7 mm, y=84 mm

Pos 5: x=30.5 mm, y= 99.74 mm (wide side top)

Pos 6: x=136.08 mm, y= 91.49 mm (narrow side top)

Pos 7: x= 30.5 mm, y= 79 mm (wide side center)

Pos 8: x=136.08 mm, y= 79 mm (narrow side center)

Pos 9: x=30.5 mm, y= 60.67 mm (wide side down)

Pos 10: x= 136.08mm, y=68.9 mm (narrow side down)

  39   Sun Jun 7 20:02:40 2015 Hao YinBelle II FADC (H6A)Cooling Box Emergency break    Unknown

Something triggered a emergency break. HWRun012 only last 1-10k event has to be discarded.

  50   Mon Jun 8 11:33:24 2015 Thomas Bergauercommonbeam profile    Unknown

120GeV hadrons, beam config H6A.BELLE.003

  56   Mon Jun 8 16:53:13 2015 Benedikt WürknerSVD3 (H6B)EUTelescope Fitter not working investigation    Unknown

Apparently every problem can be attributed to a misalignment problem. The telescope has troubles with heavily misaligned DUTs. Was resolved by creating different gear-files for each run with pretty precise coordinates of the DUT position calculated for the telescope coordinate system. 

Additionally one has to watch out for misaligned planes of the telescope itself. It was required to allow for more than 2mm offset for the telescope planes behind the DUTs. This can be easily checked by looking at the PreAligner plots in the -hitmaker-histo.root file.

It look something like this:

and not like this:


Run number offset value Comment
49 -1  
50 -1 Expected default value. EORE=49401
51 -1 Expected default value. EORE=49400
52 -1 Checked -1 EORE= 49401
53 -1 Checked -1 EORE= 49401
54 -1 Checked -1 EORE= 119401, 
55 -1 Checked -1 EORE= 409388
56 -1 Checked -1 EORE= 49392
57 -1 Checked -1 EORE= 49377
58 -1 Checked -1 EORE= 49397


Run Position x-Table x-telescope FW x-telescope BW
49 1 100 -13,7 -16,7
50 2 69,3 17 14
51 3 38,6 47,7 44,7
52 4 130,7 -44,4 -47,4
53 5 30,5 55,8 52,8
54 6 136,8 -50,5 -53,5
55 7 30,5 55,8 52,8
56 8 136,8 -50,5 -53,5
57 9 30,5 55,8 52,8
58 10 136,8 -50,5 -53,5
  58   Mon Jun 8 18:08:49 2015 Thomas BergauerSVD3 (H6B)Telescope online monitor    Unknown

a working version of the EUDET online monitor (which works also with the FE-I4) is at the following location

~/BELLETEST/eudaq-neu/build/monitors/onlinemon$ ./OnlineMon.exe -sc 0 -f /home/telescope/eudaq/data/run000060.raw

  66   Tue Jun 9 10:01:03 2015 Lukas BullaSVD3 (H6B)TLU setup info    Unknown


  • Upstream vertical -> channel 0; (bitmask 1)
  • Upstream horizontal -> channel 1; (bitmask 2)
  • Downstream vertical -> channel 2; (bitmask 4)
  • Downstream horizontal ->channel 3; (bitmask 8)


TLU DuT interface:

DUT Interface Bitmask DAQ
1 1 Mimosa (EUDET Telescope)
2 2 leer
3 4 SVD3
4 8 FE-I4


  80   Wed Jun 10 18:05:03 2015 Benedikt WürknerSVD3 (H6B)FEI4 configuration   NoUnknown

There are two planes, one fixed upstream and one fixed downstream. 

CIS3WII_6 upstream and CIS2WI_IBL2 downstream.

They are configured using the pc in H6B which can be accessed via microsoft remote desktop from the network 192.168.5.x using the ip 

The configuration files can be found in the folder "E:\ConfigurationCMS\" on the server and are named after the modules. 

Only one of the FEI4 detectors can be used at a time since they are of different generations (FEI4A and FEI4B) which can't be used at the same time with the available USB board. vnc

The configuration for EUDAQ needs to be adapted for the used module by changing the name of the configuration file. 

SkipConfiguration = no
UseSingleBoardConfig = no
boards = 230
modules[230] = 1
config_file = E:\ConfigurationCMS\CIS3_W11_06_thr1600_7to21ke_modified.cfg.root
#config_file = E:\ConfigurationCMS\CIS2_W02_IBL1_thr1600_7to14_modified.cfg.root
fpga_firmware = E:\icwiki_svn\USBPixI4\host\tags\release-5.3\config\usbpixi4.bit
lvl1_delay = 16
tlu_trigger_data_delay = 10

In my experience switching between the planes also requires a restart of the USBPix DAQ because apparently something is not working with the reload of a different config file afterwards. I had the phenomenon that the DAQ responded like it was working but the datastream was empty. Therefore always check the online monitor for hitmaps. 

  4   Thu Jun 4 14:15:50 2015 Hao YinBelle II FADC (H6A)FIR001   Good

FIR filer and ADC delay with all sensor and telescope.
telescope n-side switched.

  5   Thu Jun 4 14:16:20 2015 Hao YinBelle II FADC (H6A)Pedestal00110000  Good

FirRun001, room temp
telescope n-side switched.

  6   Thu Jun 4 15:12:41 2015 Hao YinBelle II FADC (H6A)Hardware001500001NoGood

PedestalRun001, FIRRun001, room temp
telescope n-side switched.
In order to correct the position change the

  12   Fri Jun 5 12:02:29 2015 Hao YinBelle II FADC (H6A)Sixlet Calibration001   Good

room temp max subevent at 2. with lat = 96

  7   Thu Jun 4 18:44:50 2015 Hao YinBelle II FADC (H6A)Hardware002500002NoGood

room temp, FIRRun001, pedestal run 003

  13   Fri Jun 5 12:03:34 2015 Hao YinBelle II FADC (H6A)Sixlet Calibration002   Good

lat = 97 to a greater range of lat scan

  28   Sun Jun 7 10:39:56 2015 Hao YinBelle II FADC (H6A)Calibration002   Good

FIRRun002, pedestalrun006; temp see attachment in pedestalrun006

  8   Thu Jun 4 18:45:42 2015 Hao YinBelle II FADC (H6A)Pedestal00310000  Good

firrun003, room temp

  10   Thu Jun 4 22:07:16 2015 Hao YinBelle II FADC (H6A)Hardware003189k3NoGood

CE. pedestal run 003. Fir run 002. Room temp

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