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Message ID: 80     Entry time: Wed Jun 10 18:05:03 2015
Author: Benedikt Würkner 
Project: SVD3 (H6B) 
Subject: FEI4 configuration 
Run Number:  
Cooling: No 
Data: Unknown 

There are two planes, one fixed upstream and one fixed downstream. 

CIS3WII_6 upstream and CIS2WI_IBL2 downstream.

They are configured using the pc in H6B which can be accessed via microsoft remote desktop from the network 192.168.5.x using the ip 

The configuration files can be found in the folder "E:\ConfigurationCMS\" on the server and are named after the modules. 

Only one of the FEI4 detectors can be used at a time since they are of different generations (FEI4A and FEI4B) which can't be used at the same time with the available USB board. vnc

The configuration for EUDAQ needs to be adapted for the used module by changing the name of the configuration file. 

SkipConfiguration = no
UseSingleBoardConfig = no
boards = 230
modules[230] = 1
config_file = E:\ConfigurationCMS\CIS3_W11_06_thr1600_7to21ke_modified.cfg.root
#config_file = E:\ConfigurationCMS\CIS2_W02_IBL1_thr1600_7to14_modified.cfg.root
fpga_firmware = E:\icwiki_svn\USBPixI4\host\tags\release-5.3\config\usbpixi4.bit
lvl1_delay = 16
tlu_trigger_data_delay = 10

In my experience switching between the planes also requires a restart of the USBPix DAQ because apparently something is not working with the reload of a different config file afterwards. I had the phenomenon that the DAQ responded like it was working but the datastream was empty. Therefore always check the online monitor for hitmaps. 

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