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  Belle testbeam at SPS in June 2015, Page 1 of 6  Not logged in ELOG logo
Entry  Tue May 12 10:27:39 2015, Benedikt Würkner, SVD3 (H6B), Setup information, , , , , Unknown spider-config.jpg

Information concerning the SVD3 setup during a beam test

In the beam area setup the whole crate and the power supply with the usual spider cable and the two Keithly 2410 high voltage supplies. Monitoring of the 2410 happens via a NI MAX interface that connects to the GPIB-Ethernet interface and needs to be configured there. The IP and password are noted on the device. The software can be found on heros in medialib/LONGTERM/longterm R3.1_doubleSided as a normal *.vi file. 

Default adresses 16 and 17 as defined in labview, need to figure out on site which is which, if the voltage selected (e.g. 100V) is applied as +50/-50 or if it is applied as +100/-100 before connecting the cables. 

Take a run without dut as well to check the telescope integrity. Without dut in beamline!!!!!

Entry  Wed Jun 3 10:48:42 2015, Benedikt Würkner, common, Networking, , , , , Unknown 

WLAN Router:

SSID: Hephy

password: 20supersecret14

DHCP Range: to 239

Netmask: /24

DNS Server:


external IP: (für diverse Port Forwardings)


Manuell vergebene IP Adressen bitte unbedingt Benni mitteilen oder/und in der folgenden Tabelle eintragen! 

IP/MAC Zuweisung:

IP Machine/Name intern Port Forwarding (aussen) SVD Kenwood  VNC(5900)  VNC(9000) SVD3 DAQ  VNC(5900)  VNC(9001) TUX DAQ  VNC(5900), VNC(5901), SSH(22)  VNC(9009), VNC(9002), SSH(9003), Belle XY Tisch TUXOA  SSH(22), VNC(5900)  SSH(9004), VNC(9012) JTAG Server alixcool slowcontrol  VNC(5900)  VNC(9005) CAEN Power supply zenpixelwiki  SSH(22), VNC(5900)  SSH(9006), VNC(9008) TLU (pcx25042, XY)  VNC(5900)  VNC(9007) Cooling control PC VNC(5900) VNC(9011) NI GPIB - ENET / 1000 Printserver  VNC(5900)  VNC(9010) Aida PC   vnc(5900)


Admin Zugang Wlan Router:


Username: admin

password: Hephy2014


Entry  Wed Jun 3 17:23:07 2015, Thomas Bergauer, Belle II FADC (H6A), XY stage positions, , , , , Unknown L5_Class_B-.PNG

x-Achse: positiv Richtung Saleve (counting room)

y-Achse: positiv Richtung UNTEN!!


position of laddertestbox xy stages:

Rev. Pos (BWD Sensor, BWD, Oben) x= 82.3, y=110.6

Mitte Sensor:

Pos 1: (mitte BWD sensor): x=144.74, y=80.8

Pos 2: (mitte Origami -z): x=269.62, y=80.8

Pos 3: (mitte Origami ce): x=394.42, y=80.8

Pos 4 (mitte FWD Micron Sensor): x=517, y=80.8


Pos 5 (Ecke BWD sensor): x=92.3, y=105.6

Pos 6 (Ecke Origami -z): x=217.18, y=105.6

Pos 7 (Ecke Origami ce): x=342.06, y=105.6

Pos 8 (Ecke FWD sensor): x=467,62, y=56,3 

Pos 9 (Ecke FWD sensor): x=568,33 y=64,48

Entry  Thu Jun 4 14:15:50 2015, Hao Yin, Belle II FADC (H6A), FIR, 001, , , , Good 

FIR filer and ADC delay with all sensor and telescope.
telescope n-side switched.

Entry  Thu Jun 4 14:16:20 2015, Hao Yin, Belle II FADC (H6A), Pedestal, 001, 10000, , , Good 

FirRun001, room temp
telescope n-side switched.

Entry  Thu Jun 4 15:12:41 2015, Hao Yin, Belle II FADC (H6A), Hardware, 001, 50000, 1, No, Good 20x

PedestalRun001, FIRRun001, room temp
telescope n-side switched.
In order to correct the position change the

Entry  Thu Jun 4 18:44:50 2015, Hao Yin, Belle II FADC (H6A), Hardware, 002, 50000, 2, No, Good 19x

room temp, FIRRun001, pedestal run 003

Entry  Thu Jun 4 18:45:42 2015, Hao Yin, Belle II FADC (H6A), Pedestal, 003, 10000, , , Good 

firrun003, room temp

Entry  Thu Jun 4 18:49:03 2015, Benedikt Würkner, SVD3 (H6B), Setup, , , , , Unknown IMG_20150604_184442.jpgIMG_20150604_184451.jpgIMG_20150604_184516.jpg
Entry  Thu Jun 4 22:07:16 2015, Hao Yin, Belle II FADC (H6A), Hardware, 003, 189k, 3, No, Good 21x

CE. pedestal run 003. Fir run 002. Room temp

Entry  Fri Jun 5 08:20:27 2015, Hao Yin, Belle II FADC (H6A), Hardware, 004, 50000, 4, No, Good 16x

room temp, FIRRun002, pedestalrun003, taget FW

Entry  Fri Jun 5 12:02:29 2015, Hao Yin, Belle II FADC (H6A), Sixlet Calibration, 001, , , , Good 

room temp max subevent at 2. with lat = 96

Entry  Fri Jun 5 12:03:34 2015, Hao Yin, Belle II FADC (H6A), Sixlet Calibration, 002, , , , Good 

lat = 97 to a greater range of lat scan

Entry  Fri Jun 5 19:55:00 2015, Hao Yin, Belle II FADC (H6A), Sixlet Calibration, 003, , , , Unknown 

lat = 98

room temp

pedestalrun 003

Entry  Fri Jun 5 19:59:44 2015, Hao Yin, Belle II FADC (H6A), Pedestal, 004, 10000, , , Good 

update pedestal values for room temp sixlet runs.

Entry  Fri Jun 5 23:38:51 2015, Hao Yin, Belle II FADC (H6A), Pedestal, 005, 10000, , , Unknown 

Readjust after cooling box.

room temp, firrun002

Entry  Fri Jun 5 23:39:49 2015, Hao Yin, Belle II FADC (H6A), Hardware, 005, ~200k, 5, No, Good 21x

FIRRun002, pedestalrun005, room temp
Target BW: beam spot at ~ (0 p, 0 n)

Entry  Sat Jun 6 12:43:55 2015, Hao Yin, Belle II FADC (H6A), Hardware, 006, 50000, 6, No, Good 20x

FIRRun002, room temp, pedestalrun005,
layout: same as HW 005
target: -z, pos 6 (strip: p-0, n-0);

NOTE: results shown in the attachments has been evaluated with cmc containing 128 strip

Entry  Sat Jun 6 14:28:28 2015, Hao Yin, Belle II FADC (H6A), Harware, 007, 50000, 7, No, Good 20x

room temp, FIRRun002, PedestalRun005, room temp

target: CE, pos 7 (p-0, n-0)

Entry  Sat Jun 6 16:14:36 2015, Benedikt Würkner, SVD3 (H6B), calibration run and setup information, cal01, , , , Unknown 

Calibration Run with +- 50V Bias with higher compliance since the p-side draws more current than expected (23muA by the MAMBO)


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