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  Belle/Infineon/AIDA testbeam at SPS in Nov 2014, Page 6 of 6  Not logged in ELOG logo
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ID Date Author Project Subjectdown Run Number Events StartTime EndTime Data
  100   Sat Nov 22 19:29:40 2014 Axel KönigAIDADUT Position    Unknown
Attachment 1: AIDA_DUT_Position.JPG
  35   Tue Nov 18 20:42:18 2014 Benedikt WürknerBelle SVDCoordinates of the DUT    Unknown

We set the coordinates trying to put the beam in an area with well working APVs

Peak of course differs for n and p sensors due to their different pitch.

L4-6 n-side Peak around strip 180

L4&6 p-side mean value around strip 380

L5 p-side moved by 4.8mm due to reasons (APV misalignment I think) therefore the peak of the same measurements is moved by 4.8/75µm = 64 strips therefore centered around strip 320

The coordinates of the x-y table were set to 0:0 at this point. Refer to Run Alignment2 for reference data.

  6   Sat Nov 15 11:36:41 2014 Thomas BergauercommonChecklist for North Area access    Unknown


Checklist for North Area access: 

  • Dosimeter (http://dosimetry.web.cern.ch/en)
  • Helmet and safety shoes (http://gs-dep.web.cern.ch/en/content/stores_hours)
  • Access right to H6A control room (request via EDH): Control Room HNA-447 (0887-1-Q45). Activate access right on your CERN access card at one of the validation stations (https://espace.cern.ch/service-access-control/default.aspx)
  • For using CERN rental car, request "CERN vehicle driving license (V)" via EDH
  • Park in front of bldg. 890. Walk to North Hall (bldg. 887) through bldg. 907. Swipe dosimeter in front of electronic lock next to the entrance door. Turn left inside bldg. 887. Control room Q45 is on the left-hand side of the upper level. Swipe CERN access card in front of electronic lock.
  81   Fri Nov 21 19:10:09 2014 Hao YinBelle SVDCalibrationRun_006    Unknown

cooled, latest ADC delay scan and FIRRun. 

  57   Thu Nov 20 10:41:54 2014 Benedikt WürknerBelle SVDCalibrationRun_005    Unknown

 cooled see appendix (FIRRun_003)


  47   Wed Nov 19 22:59:24 2014 Hao YinBelle SVDCalibrationRun_004    Crap

cooled (see last calibration run)

Latest noise, FIRfilter settings. 


Failed due to VME read timeout.

  27   Tue Nov 18 10:26:56 2014 Hao YinBelle SVDCalibrationRun_003  Tue Nov 18 10:26:52 CET 2014 Unknown

At room temperature

Latest delay and FIRRun 

  25   Tue Nov 18 09:51:11 2014 Hao Yin CalibrationRun_002  Tue Nov 18 09:50:24 CET 2014 Unknown

At room temperature


Latest delay settings and FIRRun

  17   Mon Nov 17 22:28:05 2014 Hao Yin CalibrationRun001 Mon Nov 17 22:27:07 CET 2014 Unknown

Noise file from run 001 



At room temperature

See DelayRun_001


  18   Mon Nov 17 22:28:07 2014 Hao Yin CalibrationRun001 Mon Nov 17 22:27:07 CET 2014 Unknown

Noise file from run 001 



At room temperature

See DelayRun_001


  19   Mon Nov 17 22:28:09 2014 Hao Yin CalibrationRun001 Mon Nov 17 22:27:07 CET 2014 Unknown

Noise file from run 001 



At room temperature

See DelayRun_001


  117   Sun Nov 23 15:10:42 2014 Markus FriedlBelle SVDCalibrationRun00183400  Good

Initial calibration run with SVD3 setup and WedgeOld, FW993, BW993 (reading out 4 chips on every p-side)

  4   Fri Nov 14 19:49:04 2014 Florian BuchsteinercommonBelle Setup    Unknown
Attachment 1: SPS_2014_Testbeam_-_Belle_Setup-Model.pdf
  15   Mon Nov 17 22:21:50 2014 Hao Yin Bad APVs  Mon Nov 17 22:08:29 CET 2014 Unknown

List with bad APVs:



 APV 5 L6-p Channel 23


Not working:

 L3-n APV 3


  1   Fri Nov 14 19:01:27 2014 Thomas BergauercommonAdministrative Procedures for Departure    Unknown


* Transport request starten (I do not need any transport service) von 887 nach Wien. Das triggert automatisch die Radio Protection Leute. Der EDH Request hängt dann bei irgend einem Franzosen. Den bitte anrufen und für Montag mittags einen Termin ausmachen. Es muss alles geschnüffelt werden, was in der Zone war (also nicht im Counting room)

Merchandise-Bestätigung für die Anreise ist im attachment!


Anreise: https://edh.cern.ch/Document/SupplyChain/SHIP/5855845

Abreise: https://edh.cern.ch/Document/SupplyChain/SHIP/5863835

Attachment 1: Merchandise-2014.pdf
Attachment 2: ankunftsbestaetigung.pdf
ankunftsbestaetigung.pdf ankunftsbestaetigung.pdf ankunftsbestaetigung.pdf ankunftsbestaetigung.pdf
  10   Sun Nov 16 21:37:56 2014 Hao YincommonAIM    Unknown

fachi:  aimhephy@antispam.e4ward.com

chrisu:  gargamel0971

flo: flo.bux@sbg.at

shorty: martin@kurznet.net

markus; mueffi1040

hao: hao.yin@gmx.at

benni: benedikt.wuerkner@assoc.oeaw.ac.at

juan: juan.garcia.ferrero@cern.ch

axel: ???

bergi: callmebergi

  13   Mon Nov 17 22:18:27 2014 Hao YinBelle SVDADC delay scan  Mon Nov 17 22:08:29 Unknown

L3-p: 18

L4-p: 36

L5-p: 33

L6-p: 39


L3-n: 18

L4-n: 36

L5-n: 36

L6-n: 35

  26   Tue Nov 18 10:12:25 2014 Hao YinBelle SVD6let PedestalRun_005 10000Tue Nov 18 10:11:45 CET 2014 Unknown

At room temperature

Latest delay, FIRRun002. 

Check for bad strips.

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