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  Belle/Infineon/AIDA testbeam at SPS in Nov 2014  Not logged in ELOG logo
Message ID: 35     Entry time: Tue Nov 18 20:42:18 2014
Author: Benedikt Würkner 
Project: Belle SVD 
Subject: Coordinates of the DUT 
Run Number:  
Data: Unknown 

We set the coordinates trying to put the beam in an area with well working APVs

Peak of course differs for n and p sensors due to their different pitch.

L4-6 n-side Peak around strip 180

L4&6 p-side mean value around strip 380

L5 p-side moved by 4.8mm due to reasons (APV misalignment I think) therefore the peak of the same measurements is moved by 4.8/75µm = 64 strips therefore centered around strip 320

The coordinates of the x-y table were set to 0:0 at this point. Refer to Run Alignment2 for reference data.

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