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Message ID: 6     Entry time: Sat Nov 15 11:36:41 2014
Author: Thomas Bergauer 
Project: common 
Subject: Checklist for North Area access 
Run Number:  
Data: Unknown 


Checklist for North Area access: 

  • Dosimeter (http://dosimetry.web.cern.ch/en)
  • Helmet and safety shoes (http://gs-dep.web.cern.ch/en/content/stores_hours)
  • Access right to H6A control room (request via EDH): Control Room HNA-447 (0887-1-Q45). Activate access right on your CERN access card at one of the validation stations (https://espace.cern.ch/service-access-control/default.aspx)
  • For using CERN rental car, request "CERN vehicle driving license (V)" via EDH
  • Park in front of bldg. 890. Walk to North Hall (bldg. 887) through bldg. 907. Swipe dosimeter in front of electronic lock next to the entrance door. Turn left inside bldg. 887. Control room Q45 is on the left-hand side of the upper level. Swipe CERN access card in front of electronic lock.
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