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ID Date Authordown Project Subject Run Number Events StartTime EndTime Data
  21   Mon Oct 3 20:30:14 2011 Thomas BergauercommonXY Tisch     

Grosser (DESY) Tisch:  x = -342.0    y = 343.0  (Einheiten unbekannt, möglicherweise mm)

Raten-Scan siehe gescannter Zettel im Attachment.


erster Wert: X, also horizontal (positive Zahlen: Saleve side = Restaurant Nr. 3)

zweiter Wert: Z, also Höhe (positive Zahlen nach unten)

Micron DUT: X:324, Z:103 [Einheiten in mm]


configuration: IP-Address; 2 Achsen

Attachment 1: xy-tisch-control.JPG
Attachment 2: desy_xy_table.jpg
  50   Sat Oct 8 14:33:25 2011 Thomas BergauerHPKbaby_stdrun016250k08.10.2011 14:31:40 Crap

falsches config file (single statt multi6)


no cooling
beam on; xy table position x=322  y=80
HV=200V Istart_PY=7.6uA;  Istart_N=0.42
std. I2C settings

  51   Sat Oct 8 16:35:04 2011 Thomas BergauerHPKbaby_stdrun017 08.10.2011 16:26:10 Crap

wrong timing


no cooling
beam on; xy table position x=322  y=80
HV=200V Istart_PY=7.6uA;  Istart_N=0.42
std. I2C settings

  52   Sat Oct 8 16:45:14 2011 Thomas BergauerHPKbaby_stdrun01815000008.10.2011 16:44:1308.10.2011 19:33:33Good

no cooling
beam on; xy table position x=322  y=80
HV=200V Istart_PY=8.2uA;  Istart_N=0.45uA
std. I2C settings, now with correct timing

  70   Thu Oct 13 13:08:38 2011 Thomas Bergauercommonend of success    Unknown
  36   Wed Oct 5 19:33:40 2011 Markus FriedlcommonTrigger condition  4.10.2011 15:00  

Changed trigger such that off-spill scintillator triggers are vetoed.

Inserted Flip-Flop which is set by begin of spill (WWE) and reset by end of spill signal (EE). Out-bar is put in coincidence with the scintillator trigger.

This also changes the timing, which was unfortunately not detected until 30 hours later. Thus, runs 4-7 have bad (wrong) timing -> UNUSABLE

Attachment 1: trigger_path_with_veto.png
  38   Wed Oct 5 20:28:00 2011 Markus FriedlBELLEOrigami stack cooledrun0081058205.10.2011 20:25:1005.10.2011 20:45:10Good

CO2 cooling: P_TT_4: 18.2 bar, mf=0.9 g/s
beam on
I=20.5µA; new I2C settings; corrected trigger delay (htr)

New run with cold Origami and new I2C settings (shorter peaking time) and hopefully correct timing.

corresponding cal file: cal007

  39   Wed Oct 5 20:49:11 2011 Markus FriedlBELLEOrigami stack cooledrun009330k05.10.2011 20:46:3006.10.2011 09:12:24 Good

CO2 cooling: P_TT_4: 18.2 bar, mf=0.9 g/s
beam on; xy table position x=306 y=76.5
I=20.5µA; new I2C settings; corrected trigger delay (htr)

New run with cold Origami and new I2C settings (shorter peaking time) and hopefully correct timing - and centered position in both x and y.

corresponding cal file: cal007

06.10.2011  09:12:12  event=329714  rate=0events/s temp/curr=35.8/-05.5 36.0/-06.0 35.8/-06.9 33.6/001.7 33.5/002.2 33.6/019.3

  55   Sun Oct 9 10:05:34 2011 Markus FriedlHPKbaby_stdcal0108380008.10.2011 13:36:2508.10.2011 13:54:07Good

no cooling
beam off; xy table position x=  y=
HV= Istart=uA;
std. I2C settings

  71   Thu Oct 20 11:49:14 2011 Markus FriedlcommonScintillator dimensions    Good
Attachment 1: bhihagag.jpg
Attachment 2: bdgaegba.jpg
  64   Mon Oct 10 12:16:06 2011 Marko DragiceviccommonBeam Profile and Magnet BeamRef Settings     Unknown

Beam Profile from H6A, 10.10.2011 11:40

BeamRef settings for all magnets, File H6B.702

Attachment 1: BeamProfile.png
Attachment 2: MagentBeamRefs.png
  67   Mon Oct 10 16:26:20 2011 Marko DragicevicCNMCNM stackrun02630000010.10.2011 16:23:4610.10.2011 20:30:00Good

no cooling
beam on; xy table position x=328  y=69.5
Istart_CNM= 27 / 1.5 uA;  Istart_BSTD= 0.2 uA

  68   Mon Oct 10 21:54:24 2011 Marko DragicevicMicronMicron-Baby-Stack p-spray, run bottom rightrun027700k10.10.2011 22:40:3111.10.2011 09:49:11Unknown

hit modules in bottom left corner -> Zones narrow and half-narrow for COMB_IRRAD, Zones wide and half-wide for COMM_IRRAD
timing corrected w.r.t. run004

Position of HEPHY x-z-table:
x = 322
z = 70

Note: z-Position not identical with position of run004, x-z-table seemed to have moved vertically. This configuration now hits the same sensor position.

  69   Mon Oct 10 21:55:30 2011 Marko DragicevicMicronInternal Calibrationcal0138380010.10.2011 21:52:32 Unknown

micronbaby p-spray/irrad
HV = -100V
beam on, baseline of irrad APV reduced

APV #2 (I²C addr. 40) deactivated, latency error after initialization, reset line is open

  8   Fri Sep 16 11:01:15 2011 Manfred ValentanMicronMicron Baby Modules     

Irradiated modules from last year:

COMB-IRRAD: B2Micron_2826_19_Baby4: combined p-stop, intermediate strips (was DUT4)
COMM-IRRAD: B2Micron_2826_07_Baby2: common p-stop, intermediate strips (was DUT3)
(the irradiated atoll p-stop sensor was destroyed for electron microscopy and SRP)

Unirradiated modules from last year:

COMB-1: B2Micron_2826_01_Baby4: combined p-stop, intermediate strips (was TRK6)
COMM-1: B2Micron_2826_19_Baby2: common p-stop, intermediate strips (was TRK7)
ATOLL-1: B2Micron_2826_07_Baby3: atoll p-stop, intermediate strips (was prepared, but not used in the beam test)

New modules:

SPRAY-I-1: B2Micron_2825_15_Baby2: p-spray, intermediate strips
SPRAY-I-2: B2Micron_2825_15_Baby3: p-spray, intermediate strips
SPRAY-1: B2Micron_2825_05_Baby3: p-spray, no intermediate strips
SPRAY-2: B2Micron_2825_05_Baby4: p-spray, no intermediate strips
COMB-2: B2Micron_2826_17_Baby4: combined p-stop, intermediate strips
COMM-2: B2Micron_2826_17_Baby2: common p-stop, intermediate strips
ATOLL-2: B2Micron_2826_17_Baby3: atoll p-stop, intermediate strips


  9   Mon Sep 19 17:38:34 2011 Manfred ValentanMicronModule ATOLL-2     

Sensor: B2Micron_2826_17_Baby3

p-stop: Atoll, with intermediate strips

Hybrid p-side: H35 (reused from last year)
Hybrid n-side: MB3

  10   Mon Sep 19 17:39:09 2011 Manfred ValentanMicronModule COMM-2     

Sensor: B2Micron_2826_17_Baby2

p-stop: Common, with intermediate strips

Hybrid p-side: H34 (reused from last year)
Hybrid n-side: MB4

  11   Mon Sep 19 17:39:55 2011 Manfred ValentanMicronModule COMB-2     

Sensor: B2Micron_2826_17_Baby4

p-stop: Combined with intermediate strips

Hybrid p-side: H42 (reused from last year)
Hybrid n-side: MB3

  12   Mon Sep 19 17:40:47 2011 Manfred ValentanMicronModule SPRAY-2     

Sensor: B2Micron_2825_05_Baby4

p-stop: p-spray WITHOUT intermediate strips

Hybrid p-side: H44 (reused from last year)
Hybrid n-side: MB6

  13   Mon Sep 19 17:41:27 2011 Manfred ValentanMicronModule SPRAY-I-2     

Sensor: B2Micron_2825_15_Baby3

p-stop: p-spray WITH intermediate strips

Hybrid p-side: H43 (reused from last year)
Hybrid n-side: MB7

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