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  HEPHY logbook for testbeam at SPS October 2011  Not logged in ELOG logo
Message ID: 8     Entry time: Fri Sep 16 11:01:15 2011
Author: Manfred Valentan 
Project: Micron 
Subject: Micron Baby Modules 
Run Number:  

Irradiated modules from last year:

COMB-IRRAD: B2Micron_2826_19_Baby4: combined p-stop, intermediate strips (was DUT4)
COMM-IRRAD: B2Micron_2826_07_Baby2: common p-stop, intermediate strips (was DUT3)
(the irradiated atoll p-stop sensor was destroyed for electron microscopy and SRP)

Unirradiated modules from last year:

COMB-1: B2Micron_2826_01_Baby4: combined p-stop, intermediate strips (was TRK6)
COMM-1: B2Micron_2826_19_Baby2: common p-stop, intermediate strips (was TRK7)
ATOLL-1: B2Micron_2826_07_Baby3: atoll p-stop, intermediate strips (was prepared, but not used in the beam test)

New modules:

SPRAY-I-1: B2Micron_2825_15_Baby2: p-spray, intermediate strips
SPRAY-I-2: B2Micron_2825_15_Baby3: p-spray, intermediate strips
SPRAY-1: B2Micron_2825_05_Baby3: p-spray, no intermediate strips
SPRAY-2: B2Micron_2825_05_Baby4: p-spray, no intermediate strips
COMB-2: B2Micron_2826_17_Baby4: combined p-stop, intermediate strips
COMM-2: B2Micron_2826_17_Baby2: common p-stop, intermediate strips
ATOLL-2: B2Micron_2826_17_Baby3: atoll p-stop, intermediate strips


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