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  HEPHY logbook for testbeam at SPS June 2008, Page 1 of 4  Not logged in ELOG logo
ID Date Author Project Subjectdown Run Number Events StartTime EndTime Text Attachments
  59   Tue Jun 3 12:41:22 2008 Eudet Telescope useful eudaq software commands(work in progress)   [b]to show information about a run (number
of events, start and end timestamp,....:[/b]
./TestReader.exe -b -e 2828
  57   Tue Jun 3 11:03:27 2008 Thomas Bergauer telescope alignment runrun283038972008-06-03 10:52:16.7832008-06-03 10:58:52.790telescope run with reduced beam intensity
(BEND4=-600A instead of -620A and BEND7=-605A
instead of -615A)
  29   Sun Jun 1 17:01:12 2008 Thomas BergauerSiLCpath do data    [SIZE=4]The data of all runs are stored on
  15   Sat May 31 13:34:28 2008 Thomas Bergauer how to copy data from lab2pc to eudetmac    rsync -rltvz --exclude "data_vie" --exclude
"hitfit_cern08" --exclude "output_vie" --exclude
"run2719*" --rsh="ssh -C -p222" friedl@routerhephy.cern.ch:/cygdrive/f/testbeam/cern_jun08/
  67   Wed Jun 4 15:41:04 2008 Thomas Bergauer end.    testbeam is over. DUTs and APVDAQ have been
dismounted and will be shipped back to Vienna.
EUDET telescope is still in H6B and taking
  6   Wed May 14 09:21:39 2008 stephan hänselSiLCcapacity measurements - HPK-ILC-TS-6687-24    ich hab mal die Kapazitäts-Messungen vom Thomas
in ein Diagram gegeben
  19   Sat May 31 18:33:50 2008 Thomas Bergauerotherbeam profile    [SIZE=3][B]Beam configuration[/B][/SIZE]
Beam configuration file: H6b.802 (FM HAD
(P0 off, H8=+180) PARLALLEL IN H6B SILC 2008
  30   Sun Jun 1 18:23:38 2008 Markus FriedlSiLCVery simple trackingrun2719100000  Very simple alignment (manual linear x direction
shifting only, no rotation, assuming equal
z spacing) and tracking.
  8   Mon May 19 15:14:40 2008 Markus FriedlotherTentative Beam Test Schedule    Wed 28 May: ~16:00 arrival, unpacking
Thu 29 May: installation
Fri 30 May: beam on
  27   Sun Jun 1 15:52:03 2008 Eudet TelescopeSiLCTelescope Pedestal Runrun273812471.6.2008. 15:501.6.2008. 15:58Telescope Pedestal Run
no DUTs!
no Beam!
  5   Fri May 9 15:29:28 2008 Thomas BergauerSiLCSensor Layout    
  3   Wed May 7 16:28:23 2008 stephan hänselSiLCPhotos    Module Photos

  10   Fri May 23 15:17:49 2008 Markus FriedlSiLCModule/chip/strip/zone numbering scheme(work in progress)   The SILC DUT is a stack of 8 silicon sensors
surrounded by the telescope.
The spacing between each of the 8 layers
  7   Wed May 14 16:15:30 2008 Markus FriedlBELLEMicron DDD5 Photos    This is the new Micron DDD5 double-sided module
with 3+3 APV25 readout chips on each side.
  12   Fri May 30 10:36:18 2008 Marko DragicevicotherImportant Information/Contact    [B]IPs[/B]
Linksys Router
  34   Sun Jun 1 23:36:21 2008 Christian IrmlerSiLCHowTo analyse data    The analysis consists of two stages: 
[*] The first is zero supression an cluster
  11   Mon May 26 15:38:53 2008 Markus FriedlSiLCHow to run APVDAQ    Power-on Procedure
  1   Tue May 6 13:51:43 2008 Thomas BergauerotherEquipment list    [B]Slow Control:[/B]
K2410 SMU
K2700 Scanning Voltmeter
  2   Wed May 7 10:43:09 2008 Thomas BergauerSiLCDocumentation: twiki, Stephans Hardware Drawings,....    DUT, APVDAQ Documentation
  4   Fri May 9 11:46:36 2008 Markus FriedlSiLCData file format(work in progress)   APVDAQ Data Analysis
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