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ID Dateup Author Project Measurement Type Object ID Subject Text Attachments
  43   Tue May 19 14:48:06 2015 Hao YinBelle IImoduleL6 Noise inJection RunsL6 Noise inJection RunsFolder "L6_RLC_Test"

Configuration file: /mnt/data/ITA_NOISE_TESTS/L6_RLC_Test/SinglePeak_3Fadc.cfg

3 Tests: Injkection to 2.5V 1.25V.
  44   Wed May 20 10:12:12 2015 Hao Yin   Ladder RLC test (CMC Injection)L5 Ladder Test

folder: /mnt/data/ITA_NOISE_TESTS/Ladder_test

Setup: ladder
  45   Thu May 21 18:23:22 2015 Hao Yin   Noise Injection LV cable(TestNr. 15)

injecting sin wave into LV at different
  46   Fri May 22 12:01:32 2015 Hao Yin   CMC injection LV 10VComparison w/o filter (LC) connected to
-z_n side.

Mateo has the results.
  47   Mon May 25 10:38:03 2015 Hao YinBelle IIsystemL5 Ladder Emission TestEmission(TestNr: 16)

base line noise measurement are
  48   Mon May 25 20:27:23 2015 Hao YinBelle IIsystemCaen PS base line measurements Baseline noise measurements wo injection.

measure noise in both HV and LV.

wings of APV25 using cmc with 128
  49   Wed May 27 09:30:54 2015 Hao YinBelle IIsystemCAEN PS Primary side Measured Primary side of caen wo load (setup
attachment 2 and prelimilary res. attachment
1. )
Entry is currently edited by Hao Yin on    50   Fri May 29 11:47:56 2015 Hao YinBelle IIsystemPS FilterTesting PS LV filter and quantifying the required min noise lvlData of this entry is recorded in the folder:
Injecting noise to LV with a freq.
  51   Mon Nov 30 15:12:19 2015 Hao Yin   FIR_ADC configFIR filter and ADC delay test:
ADC delay and FIR filter with and
without cooling to reproduce error detected
  52   Mon Nov 30 15:18:12 2015 Hao YinBelle IImoduleADC_DELAY_HOTADC delay hotADC delay scan at room temp and 20 min
after APV I2C config.

measured values at display in the
  53   Mon Nov 30 17:11:17 2015 Hao YinBelle IImoduleFIRRun001FIRRun001 aft ADC_HOTFirRun 20 min after I2C   
  54   Mon Nov 30 17:13:47 2015 Hao YinBelle IIsystemPedestalRun ADC Hot, FIRRun001

room temp pedrun
  55   Mon Nov 30 17:23:51 2015 Hao YinBelle IIsystemHardwareRun001 ADC Hot, FIRRun001, PedestalRun001

room temp pedrun

target: BW
  56   Mon Nov 30 17:47:54 2015 Hao YinBelle IIsystemHardwareRun002 ADC Hot, FIRRun001, PedestalRun001

target: -Z

room temp pedrun
  57   Mon Nov 30 18:32:13 2015 Hao YinBelle IIsystemADC Delay Scan Cold ADC Cold diff to hot: 1-3 adc delay config
(max 1.5 ns)
  58   Mon Nov 30 18:44:04 2015 Hao YinBelle IIsystemFIRRun_Cold ADC Cold diff to hot: 1-3 adc delay config
(max 1.5 ns)

  59   Mon Nov 30 18:45:49 2015 Hao YinBelle IIsystemPedestalRun_Cold ADC Cold diff to hot: 1-3 adc delay config
(max 1.5 ns), FIRRun_Cold_001

  60   Mon Nov 30 18:49:23 2015 Hao YinBelle IIsystemHardware_Cold ADC Cold diff to hot: 1-3 adc delay config
(max 1.5 ns), FIRRun_Cold_001

target: -Z
  61   Mon Nov 30 19:01:54 2015 Hao YinBelle IIsystemHardware_Cold ADC Cold diff to hot: 1-3 adc delay config
(max 1.5 ns), FIRRun_Cold_001

Temp = 0°C
  62   Mon Nov 30 19:48:05 2015 Hao YinBelle IIsystemHardware_Room_With_Cold_I2C ADC Cold diff to hot: 1-3 adc delay config
(max 1.5 ns), FIRRun_Cold_001

with room temp i2c config
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