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Message ID: 48     Entry time: Mon May 25 20:27:23 2015
Type: Measurement 
Author: Hao Yin 
Project: Belle II 
Object ID: Caen PS base line measurements 
Measurement Type: system 
Run Number: 000 

Baseline noise measurements wo injection.

measure noise in both HV and LV.

wings of APV25 using cmc with 128 strip are visible wo injection. (folder CAEN_PS, run name Noise_xxx.dat).

CMC measurements wo injection:
* LV 300kHz, 1MHz + harmonics
* HV also noisy, few peak showed a induction of about 1 mA. the injected noise goese through p-side HV and returns at n-side HV - and vise versa-.

@ caen HV Ctrl (software)
always shows a current with about 0.5 mA with LV and HV switched off....


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