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Message ID: 45     Entry time: Thu May 21 18:23:22 2015
Type: Common 
Author: Hao Yin 
Subject: Noise Injection LV cable 
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(TestNr. 15)

injecting sin wave into LV at different frequencies to analyse the output frequency and noise ground level after the junction borad.
only one group of DC/DC are connected. the readout is performed at the cable between junction board and -z_n hybrid (1.25V, 2.5V and GND).
the sin wave injection is performed adjacent the LV power connection, see appendix 1.

performed 2 sets of measurements: one w HV and one wo HV.
results have been recorded by Mateo.

During measurements the APVs of 3 out of four sensors (6 hybrids) has been resetet. Some also showed a flat line at 200 ADC, indicating a disturbance at the analog level translater.
A more detailed measurement to simulate the case mentioned above will be performed.


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