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  Belle testbeam at SPS in June 2015, Page 6 of 6  Not logged in ELOG logo
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Entry  Mon Jun 8 15:03:53 2015, Benedikt Würkner, SVD3 (H6B), hardware run with TLU and FEI4 WORKING, 59, 19000, , , Unknown 
Testrun with the FEI4 working for the first time. 

Lessons learned about the configuration:

EnableDUTVeto needs to be set for the FEI4 to allow it to work
Entry  Mon Jun 8 16:53:13 2015, Benedikt Würkner, SVD3 (H6B), EUTelescope Fitter not working investigation, , , , , Unknown nice-alignment.pngbad-alignment.png
Apparently every problem can be attributed to a misalignment problem. The telescope has troubles with heavily misaligned DUTs. Was resolved by creating
different gear-files for each run with pretty precise coordinates of the DUT position calculated for the telescope coordinate system. 

Additionally one has to watch out for misaligned planes of the telescope itself. It was required to allow for more than 2mm offset for the telescope
Entry  Mon Jun 8 18:08:49 2015, Thomas Bergauer, SVD3 (H6B), Telescope online monitor, , , , , Unknown 
a working version of the EUDET online monitor (which works also with the FE-I4) is at the following location

~/BELLETEST/eudaq-neu/build/monitors/onlinemon$ ./OnlineMon.exe -sc 0 -f /home/telescope/eudaq/data/run000060.raw
Entry  Tue Jun 9 09:32:41 2015, Hao Yin, Belle II FADC (H6A), Pedestal, 007, 10000, , , Good 
Room temp, fir002
Entry  Tue Jun 9 09:33:33 2015, Hao Yin, Belle II FADC (H6A), Calibration, 003, , , , Good 
room temp
Entry  Tue Jun 9 10:01:03 2015, Lukas Bulla, SVD3 (H6B), TLU setup info, , , , , Unknown upstream.jpgdownstream.jpg

Upstream vertical -> channel 0; (bitmask 1)
Upstream horizontal -> channel 1; (bitmask 2)
vertical -> channel 2; (bitmask 4)
Downstream horizontal ->channel 3; (bitmask 8)

Entry  Tue Jun 9 20:30:37 2015, Hao Yin, Belle II FADC (H6A), FIR, 004, , , , Good 
FIR filer and ADC delay with all sensor and telescope.
Telescope alignment
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