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  Belle testbeam at SPS in June 2015, Page 6 of 6  Not logged in ELOG logo
Entry  Thu Jun 4 18:44:50 2015, Hao Yin, Belle II FADC (H6A), Hardware, 002, 50000, 2, No, Good 19x
room temp, FIRRun001, pedestal run 003
Entry  Thu Jun 4 15:12:41 2015, Hao Yin, Belle II FADC (H6A), Hardware, 001, 50000, 1, No, Good 20x
PedestalRun001, FIRRun001, room temp
telescope n-side switched.
In order to correct the position change the
Entry  Thu Jun 4 14:16:20 2015, Hao Yin, Belle II FADC (H6A), Pedestal, 001, 10000, , , Good 
FirRun001, room temp
telescope n-side switched.
Entry  Thu Jun 4 14:15:50 2015, Hao Yin, Belle II FADC (H6A), FIR, 001, , , , Good 
FIR filer and ADC delay with all sensor and telescope.
telescope n-side switched.
Entry  Wed Jun 3 17:23:07 2015, Thomas Bergauer, Belle II FADC (H6A), XY stage positions, , , , , Unknown L5_Class_B-.PNG
x-Achse: positiv Richtung Saleve (counting room)

y-Achse: positiv Richtung UNTEN!!
Entry  Wed Jun 3 10:48:42 2015, Benedikt Würkner, common, Networking, , , , , Unknown 
WLAN Router:

SSID: Hephy

password: 20supersecret14

DHCP Range: to 239
Entry  Tue May 12 10:27:39 2015, Benedikt Würkner, SVD3 (H6B), Setup information, , , , , Unknown spider-config.jpg
Information concerning the SVD3 setup during a beam test

In the beam area setup the whole crate and the power supply with the usual spider cable and the two Keithly 2410 high voltage supplies.
Monitoring of the 2410 happens via a NI MAX interface that connects to the GPIB-Ethernet interface and needs to be configured there. The IP and password
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