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  HEPHY logbook for testbeam at SPS June 2009, Page 6 of 6  Not logged in ELOG logo
ID Date Authorup Project Subject Run Number Events StartTime EndTime Text Attachments
  17   Wed Aug 19 15:41:17 2009 Wolfgang KiesenhoferSiLCangle scan templates    Linie am rechten Seitenrand (in der Vorschau
unten leider nicht gut zu sehen) sollte mit
dem rechten Rand der Basisplatte abschließen
  55   Fri Aug 21 17:14:58 2009 Wolfgang Kiesenhofer S/N Histograms Raw (no data selection)run001 (strips), run002 (pitch adapter), run003 (upper edge)      sn_langaufit_raw_strips.pdfsn_langaufit_raw_pa.pdfsn_langaufit_raw_edgerun.pdf 
  67   Sat Aug 22 13:28:53 2009 Wolfgang KiesenhoferPt_ITE512runlist for pt-module angle-scan    Preliminary run
list for pt-modules + ite512 + silc1, silc2,
silc5, silc6
  106   Wed Aug 26 14:26:13 2009 Wolfgang KiesenhoferITE128S/N final Single-Metalrun001 & run002   Most probable S/N, Single Metal Layer,
2D histogram fitted with langau in 5 bin
(strips) slices.
  107   Wed Sep 2 14:15:17 2009 Wolfgang KiesenhoferITE128ITE 128 Cross-Talkrun002   Preliminary strip correlation (Kendalls
Tau) for threshold = 3*stripnoise.
  114   Fri Dec 4 12:21:56 2009 Wolfgang Kiesenhofer ITE128 strip correlation kendall tau (preliminary result)    Kendall tau (rank correlation) for module
1 (single layer 1 / h13), module 2 (single
layer 2 / h14),  module 6 (standard
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