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  HEPHY logbook for testbeam at SPS June 2009, Page 6 of 6  Not logged in ELOG logo
ID Date Author Project Subject Run Number Events StartTimedown EndTime
  80   Sun Aug 23 13:15:42 2009 Marko DragicevicPt_ITE512Current and Humindity during first Run    

Current of Pt modules during first run

Data of the run was dicarded.

Compressed air flow was at ~2 bars during run. Graph shows RH rise after switching of CA flow. Restarted at around 7% with very low pressure.

Timescales for RH and I graph are different!!!

after 3 hours first bottle of compressed air (dewpoint -170 degree C) is gone and sensor Pt-h01 starts to fluctuate again


Current of ITE512 plus 2 SiLC08 modules

HV=70V, Current: 25uA first, 29uA then, 35uA latest. now stable


  84   Sun Aug 23 23:38:27 2009 Georg Auzinger Phone numbers    

 Georg #70

Wolfgang - Building: 41, Room: 204, Tel: ?

Manfred: Building 38, Room 522, Tel: 70522

Chrisu: B39, room 309, Tel: 79309

Bergi: Tel Zimmer: 79112, Handy: 16-2471

Maks: Tel Zimmer: 79117

  94   Tue Aug 25 09:00:51 2009 Thomas Bergauer beam conditions    

manually changed TRIM3, TRIM4 and TRIM6

  106   Wed Aug 26 14:26:13 2009 Wolfgang KiesenhoferITE128S/N final Single-Metalrun001 & run002   

Most probable S/N, Single Metal Layer, 2D histogram fitted with langau in 5 bin (strips) slices.

  107   Wed Sep 2 14:15:17 2009 Wolfgang KiesenhoferITE128ITE 128 Cross-Talkrun002   

Preliminary strip correlation (Kendalls Tau) for threshold = 3*stripnoise.

  114   Fri Dec 4 12:21:56 2009 Wolfgang Kiesenhofer ITE128 strip correlation kendall tau (preliminary result)    

Kendall tau (rank correlation) for module 1 (single layer 1 / h13), module 2 (single layer 2 / h14),  module 6 (standard sensor 2 / h12)



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