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Message ID: 80     Entry time: Sun Aug 23 13:15:42 2009
Author: Marko Dragicevic 
Project: Pt_ITE512 
Subject: Current and Humindity during first Run 
Run Number:  

Current of Pt modules during first run

Data of the run was dicarded.

Compressed air flow was at ~2 bars during run. Graph shows RH rise after switching of CA flow. Restarted at around 7% with very low pressure.

Timescales for RH and I graph are different!!!

after 3 hours first bottle of compressed air (dewpoint -170 degree C) is gone and sensor Pt-h01 starts to fluctuate again


Current of ITE512 plus 2 SiLC08 modules

HV=70V, Current: 25uA first, 29uA then, 35uA latest. now stable


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