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  HEPHY logbook for testbeam at SPS June 2009, Page 6 of 6  Not logged in ELOG logo
ID Date Author Projectup Subject Run Number Events StartTime EndTime Text Attachments
  38   Thu Aug 20 19:46:02 2009 Manfred Valentanalignment_laserlaser at high intensity, far sensor in 2nd positionlaser0055000020.08.2009 19:45:1620.08.2009 19:53:01far sensor in 2nd position; laser at high
intensity (saturation on near sensor, good
signal on far sensor)
  39   Thu Aug 20 19:56:21 2009 Manfred Valentanalignment_laserbackground mesurement with laser OFFlaser00610k20.08.2009 19:54:0420.08.2009 19:55:38    
  40   Thu Aug 20 20:06:06 2009 Manfred Valentanalignment_laserlow intensity (like laser001), but far sensor in 2nd positionlaser00750k20.08.2009 19:57:5220.08.2009 20:05:34HV=70V, 40MHz, 6 samples, beam off, far
sensor in 2nd position
5ns trigger pulse width, 1 kHz trigger,
  58   Fri Aug 21 22:42:32 2009 Thomas BergauercommonEUDAQ config file used when running with telescope    
  65   Sat Aug 22 11:54:49 2009 Thomas Bergauercommonbeam profile    beam shifted a bit in vertical direction
downwards since 21. August 09 evening
  71   Sat Aug 22 15:12:44 2009 Thomas Bergauercommonbeam profile    playing with TRIM4 in vertical
plane (setting to 20A current) shifted beamspot
back to center position
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