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  Belle testbeam at SPS in June 2015, Page 6 of 6  Not logged in ELOG logo
ID Date Author Project Subject Run Number Events XYPosition Cooling Dataup Text Attachments
  68   Tue Jun 9 12:34:16 2015 Benedikt WürknerSVD3 (H6B)Horizontal Beam Profile Run66500002NoUnknownTrying to get a nice plot of the beam profile
by only using the PMTs 1 and 3 (horizontal) 
see http://elog.hephy.at/testbeam-SPS2015/66
  69   Tue Jun 9 14:33:50 2015 Benedikt WürknerSVD3 (H6B)Vertical Beam Profile Run67500002NoUnknownTrying to get a nice plot of the beam profile
by only using the vertical PMT 0 (upstream
vertical, the long one)  see 
  71   Tue Jun 9 20:27:55 2015 Benedikt WürknerSVD3 (H6B)Hardware FEI4685035058NoUnknownRUN WITH SVD3, telescope and FEI4

EUDET Run 68

Mimosa Threshold 6
  80   Wed Jun 10 18:05:03 2015 Benedikt WürknerSVD3 (H6B)FEI4 configuration   NoUnknownThere are two planes, one fixed upstream
and one fixed downstream. 

CIS3WII_6 upstream and CIS2WI_IBL2
  82   Wed Jun 10 19:05:04 2015 Benedikt WürknerSVD3 (H6B)Hardware FEI471500001NoUnknownRUN WITH SVD3, telescope and FEI4

EUDET Run 71

Mimosa Threshold 6
  88   Thu Jun 11 15:56:32 2015 Benedikt WürknerSVD3 (H6B)Hardware FEI473200007NoUnknownRUN WITH SVD3, telescope and FEI4

EUDET Run 73

Mimosa Threshold 6
  91   Thu Jun 11 17:11:40 2015 Benedikt WürknerSVD3 (H6B)Hardware FEI474200008NoUnknownRUN WITH SVD3, telescope and FEI4

EUDET Run 74

Mimosa Threshold 6
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