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  Belle/Infineon/AIDA testbeam at SPS in Nov 2014, Page 4 of 6  Not logged in ELOG logo
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ID Date Author Project Subject Run Number Eventsup StartTime EndTime Data
  95   Sat Nov 22 16:04:05 2014 Axel KönigInfineonInfineon old calibrationInfineon_old_calibration   Unknown

Calibration run 


  96   Sat Nov 22 16:43:18 2014 Axel Königcommontable, telescope and dut geometry     Unknown

geometry files

Attachment 1: geometry_table.pdf
Attachment 2: geometry_DUT.pdf
Attachment 3: geometry_infineon_batch4.pdf
Attachment 4: geometry_infineon_old.pdf
  98   Sat Nov 22 17:00:43 2014 Axel KönigInfineonInfineon olddamaged strixel sensors, strange IV behaviour   Unknown

1.) No events recorded for strixel sensors (run001). They seem to be damaged like they were at DESY.

2.) Very strange IV behaviour for every old Infineon module (especially TB12_baby1). 

  100   Sat Nov 22 19:29:40 2014 Axel KönigAIDADUT Position    Unknown
Attachment 1: AIDA_DUT_Position.JPG
  109   Sun Nov 23 09:49:00 2014 Markus FriedlBelle SVDcooling    Unknown

Saturday evening, the cooling became unstable which indicates the end of the CO2 supply, possibly having a mixture of liquid and gas phases.

Strange oscillations observed for the DUT temperatures until the MF valve was finally turned off close to midnight.


Attachment 1: temp_last_night.png
  113   Sun Nov 23 12:39:45 2014 Axel KönigcommonPMT's of EUDET (Igor Rubinsky)    Unknown

Der zweite PM (entsprechend der Beamrichtung) war von Anfang an nicht angeschlossen an die TLU! Stattdessen war ein Atlas pixel sensor, welcher als 4ter PM fungiert angeschlossen. Genau dieser "PM" hatte 0 counts bei der TLU --> Igor sagt, dass dieser Sensor ("PM") anscheinend keine Versorgungsspannung hatte (~400V). Jetzt baut Igor diesen Atlas Sensor wieder aus und hat bereits den nicht angeschlossenen PM wieder angeschlossen an die TLU. DIeser PM zeigt aber nun zu viele counts. Deshalb behalten wir die AND mask 11 (auch jetzt bei den Belle Modulen).

  115   Sun Nov 23 15:07:54 2014 Markus FriedlBelle SVDcommon    Unknown

Geometry setup of FW/BW:

(all dimensions are in mm and refer to the sensor planes)

Attachment 1: fwbw_setup.png
  85   Fri Nov 21 23:33:54 2014 Axel KönigAIDAhardware run (PC crashed)AIDA_run008---  Unknown

22:00 SVD3 PC crashed!!! data will be collected. 

  16   Mon Nov 17 22:22:56 2014 Hao Yin PedestalRun_00100110000Mon Nov 17 22:22:41 CET 2014 Unknown

At room temperature.


  24   Tue Nov 18 09:48:53 2014 Hao YinBelle SVDPedestalRun_004 10000Tue Nov 18 09:48:30 CET 2014 Unknown

At room temperature.

Old delay settings and FIRRun_002


  26   Tue Nov 18 10:12:25 2014 Hao YinBelle SVD6let PedestalRun_005 10000Tue Nov 18 10:11:45 CET 2014 Unknown

At room temperature

Latest delay, FIRRun002. 

Check for bad strips.

  84   Fri Nov 21 22:08:32 2014 Hao Yin PedestalRun01310000  Unknown

correct mapping

cooled -25 °C

L3n deactivated


  110   Sun Nov 23 10:32:41 2014 Hao YinBelle SVDPedestalRun01610000  Unknown

Pedestal Run

room temperature (30C)

Bias scans planned

  116   Sun Nov 23 15:09:53 2014 Markus FriedlBelle SVDPedestalRun00110000  Good

Initial pedestal run with SVD3 setup and WedgeOld, FW993, BW993 (reading out 4 chips on every p-side)

Entry is currently edited by Thomas Bergauer on    120   Sun Nov 23 17:51:44 2014 Benedikt WürknerBelle SVDHardwareRun04610000020:0620:36Unknown

Hardware Run +-60V Bias

Room Temperature

Pedestal 018 (again marked all the bad strips)

Zero Suppressed


  118   Sun Nov 23 15:13:37 2014 Markus FriedlBelle SVDHardwareRun00310060023.11.2014 14:07:2323.11.2014 16:51:27Good

Hardware run, hitting APVs 0/1 on p-sides, 1/2 on n-sides

EUDAT telescope running with difference of 2 events

  20   Mon Nov 17 23:04:57 2014 Hao YinBelle SVDPedestalRun_002 10338Mon Nov 17 23:03:03 CET 2014 Unknown

Pedestal run at room temperature.

6 subevents. Noise reference run.

Delay as latest run.


Reference run for bad strips.

  71   Fri Nov 21 15:02:28 2014 Benedikt WürknerBelle SVDHardwareRun0131433  Unknown

cooled see appendix (FirRun003)
multi 6 Raw Mode
FIFO size increased
L3n deactivated
100000 deadtime (CTRL TRG)

  45   Wed Nov 19 22:15:41 2014 Axel KönigInfineonhardware runInfineon_run0101498709  Unknown

Infineon new stack - batch 4 

single hit
HV=300V, total I = 4.0200 µA
strips vertical
Table Position: H: 92.5mm V: 81mm
EUDAQ data: Run951 and Run952
data file in L:\cern14\infineon\Infineon Run vert
config file l:\cern14\infineon\Infineon Run horiz\cern14_infineon_multi6.cfg
-- stopped 20.11 / 09:35-- 
SVD3DAQ Events: 1498709
EUDAQ Events: 2777
EUDAQ stopped counting events --> log entry: "01:38 6-ERROR unexpected trigger number 277714 (expecting 277713)" (TLU Producer)
  38   Wed Nov 19 09:26:39 2014 Axel KönigInfineonhardware runInfineon_run0061500  Unknown

Infineon new stack - batch 4

multi hit
HV=300V, total I = 4.0200 µA
strips vertical
Table Position: H: 96mm V: 91mm
data file in L:\cern14\infineon\Infineon Run vert
config file l:\cern14\infineon\Infineon Run horiz\cern14_infineon_multi6.cfg
-- stopped --
1500 Events only --> no trigger signals from TU (01:30 Uhr)
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