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  44   Wed May 20 10:12:12 2015 Hao Yin   Ladder RLC test (CMC Injection)L5 Ladder Test

folder: /mnt/data/ITA_NOISE_TESTS/Ladder_test

Setup: ladder
  45   Thu May 21 18:23:22 2015 Hao Yin   Noise Injection LV cable(TestNr. 15)

injecting sin wave into LV at different
  46   Fri May 22 12:01:32 2015 Hao Yin   CMC injection LV 10VComparison w/o filter (LC) connected to
-z_n side.

Mateo has the results.
  51   Mon Nov 30 15:12:19 2015 Hao Yin   FIR_ADC configFIR filter and ADC delay test:
ADC delay and FIR filter with and
without cooling to reproduce error detected
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