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  Belle testbeam at SPS in June 2015, Page 6 of 6  Not logged in ELOG logo
ID Date Authordown Project Subject Run Number Events XYPosition Cooling Data Text Attachments
  91   Thu Jun 11 17:11:40 2015 Benedikt WürknerSVD3 (H6B)Hardware FEI474200008NoUnknownRUN WITH SVD3, telescope and FEI4

EUDET Run 74

Mimosa Threshold 6
  95   Fri Jun 12 16:52:52 2015 Benedikt WürknerSVD3 (H6B)Telescope without DUT76~30k NoGoodThreshold 6

Testrun to see how the telescope
behaves without a DUT to test if there is
  98   Fri Jun 12 17:08:23 2015 Benedikt WürknerSVD3 (H6B)Telescope with FEI480~30k NoGoodThreshold 6

Testrun to see how the telescope
behaves without a DUT to test if there is
  103   Sat Jun 13 16:47:28 2015 Benedikt WürknerSVD3 (H6B)Mimosa threshold with FEI48212000 NoGoodSet mimosa threshold to 5 and recorded
with FEI4 upstream

L3 already in sensor but not yet
  104   Sat Jun 13 17:05:35 2015 Benedikt WürknerSVD3 (H6B)L3 with FEI484300001NoGoodL3 sensor at position x: 105, y: 47 hitting
apvs: 2&3 on p-side and apv 3 on
  105   Sat Jun 13 18:02:04 2015 Benedikt WürknerSVD3 (H6B)L3 with FEI485700002NoGoodL3 sensor at position x: 115, y: 47 hitting
apvs: 2&3 on p-side and apv 3&4
on n-side
  106   Sat Jun 13 19:14:41 2015 Benedikt WürknerSVD3 (H6B)L3 with FEI4867320003NoGoodL3 sensor at position x: 115, y: 57 hitting
apvs: 1&2 on p-side and apv 3&4
on n-side
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