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  Belle testbeam at SPS in June 2015, Page 6 of 6  Not logged in ELOG logo
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ID Date Author Projectup Subject Run Number Events XYPosition Cooling Data
  98   Fri Jun 12 17:08:23 2015 Benedikt WürknerSVD3 (H6B)Telescope with FEI480~30k NoGood

Threshold 6

Testrun to see how the telescope behaves without a DUT to test if there is an increased amount of multiple scattering after the aluminum planes of the FW and BW module. 

This time with the upstream FEI4 plane

  103   Sat Jun 13 16:47:28 2015 Benedikt WürknerSVD3 (H6B)Mimosa threshold with FEI48212000 NoGood

Set mimosa threshold to 5 and recorded with FEI4 upstream

L3 already in sensor but not yet configured. 

Probably to noisy to help much

  104   Sat Jun 13 17:05:35 2015 Benedikt WürknerSVD3 (H6B)L3 with FEI484300001NoGood

L3 sensor at position x: 105, y: 47 hitting apvs: 2&3 on p-side and apv 3 on n-side

  105   Sat Jun 13 18:02:04 2015 Benedikt WürknerSVD3 (H6B)L3 with FEI485700002NoGood

L3 sensor at position x: 115, y: 47 hitting apvs: 2&3 on p-side and apv 3&4 on n-side

  106   Sat Jun 13 19:14:41 2015 Benedikt WürknerSVD3 (H6B)L3 with FEI4867320003NoGood

L3 sensor at position x: 115, y: 57 hitting apvs: 1&2 on p-side and apv 3&4 on n-side

  2   Wed Jun 3 10:48:42 2015 Benedikt WürknercommonNetworking    Unknown

WLAN Router:

SSID: Hephy

password: 20supersecret14

DHCP Range: to 239

Netmask: /24

DNS Server:


external IP: (für diverse Port Forwardings)


Manuell vergebene IP Adressen bitte unbedingt Benni mitteilen oder/und in der folgenden Tabelle eintragen! 

IP/MAC Zuweisung:

IP Machine/Name intern Port Forwarding (aussen) SVD Kenwood  VNC(5900)  VNC(9000) SVD3 DAQ  VNC(5900)  VNC(9001) TUX DAQ  VNC(5900), VNC(5901), SSH(22)  VNC(9009), VNC(9002), SSH(9003), Belle XY Tisch TUXOA  SSH(22), VNC(5900)  SSH(9004), VNC(9012) JTAG Server alixcool slowcontrol  VNC(5900)  VNC(9005) CAEN Power supply zenpixelwiki  SSH(22), VNC(5900)  SSH(9006), VNC(9008) TLU (pcx25042, XY)  VNC(5900)  VNC(9007) Cooling control PC VNC(5900) VNC(9011) NI GPIB - ENET / 1000 Printserver  VNC(5900)  VNC(9010) Aida PC   vnc(5900)


Admin Zugang Wlan Router:


Username: admin

password: Hephy2014


  50   Mon Jun 8 11:33:24 2015 Thomas Bergauercommonbeam profile    Unknown

120GeV hadrons, beam config H6A.BELLE.003

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