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  Belle/Infineon/AIDA testbeam at SPS in Nov 2014, Page 3 of 6  Not logged in ELOG logo
ID Date Author Project Subject Run Number Eventsup StartTime EndTime Data
  54   Thu Nov 20 10:33:13 2014 Benedikt WürknerBelle SVDFIRRun and Delay Scan003   Unknown

 Cooled see appendix

with new layout (l3_n-side channels changed and reactivated).

Latest FIRRun

Attachment 1: Temp_19-11-14.PNG
  55   Thu Nov 20 10:39:11 2014 Benedikt WürknerBelle SVDPedestalRun_009    Unknown

cooled see appendix (FIRRun003)

MaxEvents 10000


  56   Thu Nov 20 10:39:13 2014 Benedikt WürknerBelle SVDPedestalRun_009    Unknown

cooled see appendix (FIRRun003)

MaxEvents 10000


  57   Thu Nov 20 10:41:54 2014 Benedikt WürknerBelle SVDCalibrationRun_005    Unknown

 cooled see appendix (FIRRun_003)


  58   Thu Nov 20 11:13:44 2014 Hao Yin HardwareRun_008008   Crap

cooled see attachment in FIRRun_003




  59   Thu Nov 20 11:14:19 2014 Benedikt Würkner HardwareRun_009009   Crap

 cooling see attachment of FIRRun003

Ped 009

Cal 005

Multi 6 raw mode

L5_n_side out of order


FIFO_FULL_ERROR starting at ~2000 events

  60   Thu Nov 20 15:32:33 2014 Hao Yin HardwareRun010   Crap

same as hardware run 009

FIFO FULL ERROR starting at ~event 5000

  62   Thu Nov 20 15:47:56 2014 Axel KönigInfineonhardware runInfineon_run011   Unknown

 Infineon new stack - batch 4 

  63   Thu Nov 20 16:13:18 2014 Hao YinBelle SVDHardwareRun011   Crap

cooled see appendix (FirRun003)


multi 6 Raw Mode

FIFO size increased



FIFO FULL at  event ~27000

  64   Thu Nov 20 17:16:56 2014 Axel Königcommonhow to run the EUDAQ offline monitor    Unknown

YOU need

1.) Folder EUDAQ OFFLINE Monitor

2.) ROOT



1.) open command line and chose the path where OfflineMonitor is

2.)Type -i "patch of raw file" -o test.root 100

3.) helpfile typing -h

  66   Thu Nov 20 22:11:06 2014 Hao YinBelle SVDHardwareRun012   Good

cooled see appendix (FirRun003)


multi 6 Raw Mode

FIFO size increased

  67   Thu Nov 20 22:12:21 2014 Axel KönigcommonSPS Logbook / SPS Online Monitor    Unknown

Logbook: https://ab-dep-op-elogbook.web.cern.ch/ab-dep-op-elogbook/elogbook/secure/eLogbook.php?shiftId=1059325


Monitor:  http://op-webtools.web.cern.ch/op-webtools/vistar/vistars.php?usr=SPS1

  68   Fri Nov 21 01:43:54 2014 Axel KönigAIDAcalibration runAIDA_run001_calibration   Unknown

Calibration run with AIDA DUT.

Single hit

  78   Fri Nov 21 18:23:05 2014 Axel KönigcommonNew Table Calibration    Unknown

 Nach powercut musste der Tisch neu kalibriert werden. Diese Neukalibration betrifft alle Messungen ab den ersten Messungen vom AIDA Stack.

  79   Fri Nov 21 18:35:17 2014 Axel KönigAIDAImportant: Dockbox Inverter!    Unknown

Alle AIDA runs vor run_007 hatten kein Signal auf den Sensoren 5 und 6.

Grund: Inverter auf N Seite war im config file noch an (von Markus behoben). 

Runs vor 007 können noch verwendet werden obwohl sensoren 5 und 6 negative Events lieferten (kommt aber auf das negative Limit an). 

  80   Fri Nov 21 19:05:27 2014 Hao YinBelle SVDFIRRun_004  Fri Nov 21 19:05:23 CET 2014 Unknown

New ADC delay scan. cooled, -25 temperature


  81   Fri Nov 21 19:10:09 2014 Hao YinBelle SVDCalibrationRun_006    Unknown

cooled, latest ADC delay scan and FIRRun. 

  83   Fri Nov 21 19:42:36 2014 Hao Yin HardwareRun_033    Good

L6 are swapped, needs to be corrected later in the offline analysis.

cooled at -25

latest ADC delay and FIRRun



100k trigger dead time


Need to change L6n apv definition to:

mod = 9,0,1,1,1,m,29,0,0,0,0,0,0,L6_n_side

apv = 9,1,34,3,30,x,0,0,5,1,7,0,0,x
apv = 9,0,36,3,50,x,0,0,5,1,6,0,0,x
apv = 9,3,38,3,30,x,0,0,5,1,9,0,0,x
apv = 9,2,40,3,30,x,0,0,5,1,8,0,0,x

to  get the right mapping of the sensor.

Attachment 1: Temp_21-11-14.PNG
  91   Sat Nov 22 10:20:07 2014 Axel KönigAIDAcalibration runAIDA_calibration   Unknown

Calibration run AIDA_calibration 


  92   Sat Nov 22 11:16:26 2014 Markus FriedlBelle SVDcooling    Unknown

Cooling box plant hung up (I2C error on Alix, persistent after reboot)

Power-cycled cooling plant, now working

Slowly cooling down again

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