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  Belle/Infineon/AIDA testbeam at SPS in Nov 2014  Not logged in ELOG logo
Message ID: 44     Entry time: Wed Nov 19 21:56:44 2014
Author: Axel König 
Project: Infineon 
Subject: hardware run 
Run Number: Infineon_run008 
Events: 244167 
Data: Unknown 

Infineon new stack - batch 4 

single hit
HV=300V, total I = 4.0758 µA
strips vertical
Table Position: H: 92.5mm V: 81mm
data file in L:\cern14\infineon\Infineon Run vert
config file l:\cern14\infineon\Infineon Run horiz\cern14_infineon_single.cfg
--stopped 19.11 // 21:53 --
Reason: Want to run the eudaq for the next run
Events: 244167
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