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  HEPHY logbook for testbeam at SPS October 2012 and Irradiation Mol  Not logged in ELOG logo
Message ID: 27     Entry time: Tue Oct 16 11:23:43 2012
Author: Christian Irmler 
Project: MicronOrigami_gross 
Subject: run 
Run Number: run012 
Events: 20k 
StartTime: 16.10.2012 11:16:01 
EndTime: 16.10.2012 12:27:03  
Data: Unknown 

Origami Stack 2a: Origami #4, Wedge new1
reading out all 6 APV of p-side
HV = +-40V, Ibias=10.4µA
Origami 3 and Wedge old are still installed in the box, but not read out --> disconnected

p-side: centered between APV 4&5
n-side: centered between APV 2&3

--> upper left corner of Origami and wedge module --> we hit the APV chips and / or the PA0 of the Origami module

no cooling

Temperatur sensors:

  • T11: Origami #4 in
  • T12: Origami #4 out
  • T13: Origami #3 in (wrong values!)
  • T14: Origami #3 out
  • T15: Wedge new 1 out
  • T16: Wedge old out
  • T17: Wedge new 1 cooling block
  • T18: Wedge old cooling block
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