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Message ID: 77     Entry time: Wed Feb 22 13:37:11 2012
Author: Christian Irmler 
Project: BELLE 
Subject: Origami Module #4 
Run Number: run103 
Events: 100k 
StartTime: 22.02.2012 13:35:08 
EndTime: 22.02.2012 13:54:08  
Data: Crap 

Sr90, large scintillator,
HVret @ Origami closed
HVret @ SMU connected
Origami Mod. #4
HV=+-40V, Ibias=1,6µA
CO2 cooling on, Tin=-20.5°C, Tout=-21.5°C

I²C settings for cooled APV chips --> same as used in run010


Lab measurement with new dark box but old, large scintillator

Wires between HV connectors ground and HVret conntact at the mambo were open --> no HVret conntection between module and SMUs!
Moreover the SMU Inv. Nr. 545-078 has either an unstable output or problems with the current measurement.

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