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  HEPHY logbook for testbeam at SPS October 2011  Not logged in ELOG logo
Message ID: 48     Entry time: Sat Oct 8 00:14:37 2011
Author: Christian Irmler 
Project: BELLE 
Subject: Origami stack 
Run Number: run015 
Events: 180111 
StartTime: 08.10.2011 00:06:41 
EndTime: 08.10.2011 08:24:38 
Data: Good 

no cooling
beam on; xy table position x=306 y=74.5
std. I2C settings


8.10.2011  00:07:43  event=991  rate=0events/s temp/curr=33.0/-15.4 33.0/-17.3 33.0/-17.7 31.9/011.5 31.9/013.2 32.0/040.20

08.10.2011  06:32:34  event=179710  rate=0events/s temp/curr=33.1/-22.1 33.0/-25.6 33.1/-22.6 31.9/018.2 31.8/021.7 31.9/048.5
08.10.2011  06:33:28  event=180105  ***WARNING*** Error detected in APV 0, subevent 2. Event discarded, reset sent.

Permanent APV errors at several (all p-side, some n-side) APV chips after 180105 events, which could not be recovered by software resets. After restart of run, all APVs where alive again, hence hardware reset and I2C reconfiguration after 5 or 10 consecutive APV errors should be added to TUXDAQ software.

After APV errors occured, the cummulative bias current decrised from 78µA to 54µA. This effect can occures whenever the digital part of the APV is switched between idle and full operation. It seems that this is a thermal effect, caused by  the slightly higher power consumption of the digital part of the chips.


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