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Message ID: 44     Entry time: Fri Oct 7 10:13:12 2011
Author: Christian Irmler 
Project: BELLE 
Subject: Origami stack cooled 
Run Number: run013 
Events: 185k 
StartTime: 07.10.2011 10:02:20 
EndTime: 07.10.2011 17:17:32 
Data: Good 

CO2 cooling: P_TT_4: 18.2 bar, mf=1 g/s
beam on; xy table position x=321 y=99
I=18.6µA; old I2C settings; corrected trigger delay (htr); adjusted front-end voltage

The beam is directly focused onto APV chip #2 of n-side, so that it hits the area underneath chip and cooling pipe.
On p-side this location is attached to chip #4, which currently can not be read out, hence we only get data for the n-side.

07.10.2011  10:03:22  event=979  rate=0events/s temp/curr=33.2/-05.6 33.3/-06.0 33.2/-06.7 32.2/001.6 32.2/002.0 32.2/018.7
07.10.2011  17:17:18  event=184992  rate=0events/s temp/curr=33.8/-05.6 33.8/-06.0 33.8/-06.9 32.7/001.7 32.7/002.0 32.7/018.7

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