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  HEPHY logbook for testbeam at SPS October 2011  Not logged in ELOG logo
Message ID: 37     Entry time: Wed Oct 5 19:57:15 2011
Author: Christian Irmler 
Project: BELLE 
Subject: Origami stack cooled  
Run Number: run007 
Events: 17845 
StartTime: 05.10.2011 18:27:51 
EndTime: 05.10.2011 19:31:43 
Data: Crap 

Run stopped after 17845 events, because of bad trigger timing

beam on

CO2 cooling: 
preassure @ P_TT_4 = 18.77 bar
mass flow = 0.9 g/s


longterm files (same files used for cal005 and run006):

currents and temperatures:
05.10.2011  19:30:51  event=17469  rate=0events/s temp/curr=35.6/-05.6 35.6/-06.1 35.6/-07.1 35.1/001.9 35.1/002.4 35.1/020.9

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