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Message ID: 139     Entry time: Wed May 18 14:40:33 2011
Author: Manfred Valentan 
Project: Micron Baby 
Subject: TRK6, source run, unirrad, postzupf 
Run Number: cal115 
Events: 83800 
StartTime: 18.05.2011 13:41:44 
EndTime: 18.05.2011 13:49:58 

TRK6: B2Micron_2826_1_baby4 (combined p-stop)
config file: D:/cern10/micronbaby/data_lab/TRK6/postzupfzupf/micronbaby_single_postzupf.cfg

90Sr 1mCi ~centered

Every second bond zupfed. However, there was a mistake and the first ~60 channels are shifted by 1, see attachment!

Attachment 1: cal115_goodstrips_apv4.png  121 kB  | Hide | Hide all
Attachment 2: cal115_goodstrips_apv5.png  121 kB  | Hide | Hide all
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