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Message ID: 135     Entry time: Tue May 17 19:08:29 2011
Author: Manfred Valentan 
Project: Micron Baby 
Subject: sensors for source test with intermediate strips 
Run Number:  

Every second bond of these sensors will be removed to mimic the effect of an intermediate strip. For comparison, this is done both with irradiated and unirradiated sensors.

DUT3: B2Micron_2826_7_baby2, common p-stop, irradiated

DUT4: B2Micron_2826_19_baby4, combined p-stop, irradiated

DUT5: B2Micron_2826_19_baby3, atoll p-stop, irradiated (Wolfgang T. took this sensor to the SEM, it's destroyed by now)

TRK6: B2Micron_2826_1_baby4, combined p-stop, unirradiated

TRK7: B2Micron_2826_19_baby2, common p-stop, unirradiated

            B2Micron_2826_7_baby3, atoll p-stop, unirradiated


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