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Message ID: 119     Entry time: Wed Apr 13 12:13:09 2011
Author: Manfred Valentan 
Project: Micron Baby 
Subject: DUT5, source run, post irrad, post zupf ** DO NOT USE ** 
Run Number: cal105 
Events: 83800 
StartTime: 13.04.2011 12:02:41 
EndTime: 13.04.2011 12:10:55  

DUT5 (atoll), each second bond removed to simulate intermediate strips
config file: D:/cern10/micronbaby/data_lab/DUT5/micronbaby_single_irrrad.cfg

90Sr 1mCi ~centered

data recorded with new switching power supplies and old intcal, which doesn't ignore bad strips!!!!!

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