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  HEPHY logbook for testbeam at SPS June 2009  Not logged in ELOG logo
Message ID: 29     Entry time: Thu Aug 20 12:50:59 2009
Author: Christian Irmler 
Project: alignment_beam 
Subject: bottom right on sensor, point 4 
Run Number: run6866 
Events: 8467 
StartTime: 20.08.2009 12:51:04 
EndTime: 20.08.2009 13:05:01 

2 alignement modules

location in beam direction: h04-h03

beam in center of sensor

HV=70V, 40MHz, 6 samples

beam on, 120 GeV

module 1 (h03) is used w inverter off and higher base line

XY coordinates: X:43 y:155 (bottom right on sensor in beam direction)

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