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  HEPHY logbook for testbeam at SPS June 2008, Page 4 of 4  Not logged in ELOG logo
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ID Date Author Project Subject Run Numberdown Events StartTime EndTime Text Attachments
  19   Sat May 31 18:33:50 2008 Thomas Bergauerotherbeam profile    [SIZE=3][B]Beam configuration[/B][/SIZE]
Beam configuration file: H6b.802 (FM HAD
(P0 off, H8=+180) PARLALLEL IN H6B SILC 2008
  29   Sun Jun 1 17:01:12 2008 Thomas BergauerSiLCpath do data    [SIZE=4]The data of all runs are stored on
  31   Sun Jun 1 20:13:37 2008 Eudet TelescopeSiLCBZIP2 compressed APVDAQ data    [b]Processed APVDAQ data_cluster - in tar.bzip2
  34   Sun Jun 1 23:36:21 2008 Christian IrmlerSiLCHowTo analyse data    The analysis consists of two stages: 
[*] The first is zero supression an cluster
  67   Wed Jun 4 15:41:04 2008 Thomas Bergauer end.    testbeam is over. DUTs and APVDAQ have been
dismounted and will be shipped back to Vienna.
EUDET telescope is still in H6B and taking
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