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  HEPHY logbook for testbeam at SPS June 2008, Page 4 of 4  Not logged in ELOG logo
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ID Date Author Projectdown Subject Run Number Events StartTime EndTime Text Attachments
  15   Sat May 31 13:34:28 2008 Thomas Bergauer how to copy data from lab2pc to eudetmac    rsync -rltvz --exclude "data_vie" --exclude
"hitfit_cern08" --exclude "output_vie" --exclude
"run2719*" --rsh="ssh -C -p222" friedl@routerhephy.cern.ch:/cygdrive/f/testbeam/cern_jun08/
  57   Tue Jun 3 11:03:27 2008 Thomas Bergauer telescope alignment runrun283038972008-06-03 10:52:16.7832008-06-03 10:58:52.790telescope run with reduced beam intensity
(BEND4=-600A instead of -620A and BEND7=-605A
instead of -615A)
  59   Tue Jun 3 12:41:22 2008 Eudet Telescope useful eudaq software commands(work in progress)   [b]to show information about a run (number
of events, start and end timestamp,....:[/b]
./TestReader.exe -b -e 2828
  67   Wed Jun 4 15:41:04 2008 Thomas Bergauer end.    testbeam is over. DUTs and APVDAQ have been
dismounted and will be shipped back to Vienna.
EUDET telescope is still in H6B and taking
  68   Tue Jun 17 09:43:07 2008 Thomas Bergauer Data analysis progressoverview (in progress)   [TABLE border="1"]
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data processed|hitfit processed
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