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Message ID: 11     Entry time: Mon May 26 15:38:53 2008
Author: Markus Friedl 
Project: SiLC 
Subject: How to run APVDAQ 
Run Number:  
Power-on Procedure

PC logon: user "testbeam", pwd "sensor"

Order for switching on the hardware (not strict):
* VME 9U crate
* keithley instruments
* +-5V (fat) 2 lab power supplies (left stack)
* other 3 lab power supplies (right stack)

Run ResMan.exe (shortcut on desktop) and click OK to close
Start longterm-R31.vi (shortcut on desktop) and start HV bias
Start APVDAQ.exe 

Now everything is on and ready to operate.
This is also the condition after a run is finished.

Start Run (see screenshot below)

1. select proper run type (if different from previous run), typically
 Hardware (beam) or
 Software (pedestal) or
 Internal Calibration

2. open proper config file (if different from previous run), one of
 cern08_silc_all_single.cfg   (8 DUTs, 1 sample)  - for software (pedestal) and intcal runs
 cern08_silc_all_multi6.cfg   (8 DUTs, 6 samples) - for hardware (beam) runs

 cern08_silc_mod03_single.cfg (1 DUT, module 03, 1 sample)  - for software (pedestal) and intcal runs
 cern08_silc_mod03_multi6.cfg (1 DUT, module 03, 6 samples) - for hardware (beam) runs

3. select file name (typically: increase run number)

4. switch Write File ON (if turned off)

5. write some useful comments (conditions, HV, etc)

6. enter number of events

7. hit "Start Run" and relax or cry for help :-)

Additional Info

path to APVDAQ:   e:\cvi-projects\apvdaq_fadc
path to Longterm: e:\labview-projects\longterm R3.1
path to data:     f:\testbeam\cern_jun08\silc\data
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Attachment 3: cern08_silc_all_multi6.cfg  16 kB  Uploaded Mon May 26 17:06:27 2008  | Show | Show all
Attachment 4: cern08_silc_mod03_single.cfg  11 kB  Uploaded Mon May 26 18:22:38 2008  | Show | Show all
Attachment 5: cern08_silc_mod03_multi6.cfg  11 kB  Uploaded Mon May 26 18:22:51 2008  | Show | Show all
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