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  Belle II and AIDA/Infineon Testbeam at DESY in Jan2014  Not logged in ELOG logo
Message ID: 74     Entry time: Sat Jan 25 18:24:03 2014
Author: Wolfgang Treberspurg 
Project: Infineon 
Subject: Single mode Run Stack 2 
Run Number: HW_Run_Infineon_Stack2_001 
Events: 1.05 M 
StartTime: 25.01.2014 10:30 
EndTime: 25.01.2014 15:40 
Data: Unknown 

HV at 300V; I at app. 11µA 4GeV, Single mode

Modules centered to beam but no hits at additional Strixel modul. Perhaps HV problems (High noise of Strixel almost did not change after biasing)

-> HV connection will be checked at next opportunity to enter area.

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