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  Belle II and AIDA/Infineon Testbeam at DESY in Jan2014  Not logged in ELOG logo
Message ID: 68     Entry time: Sun Jan 19 18:01:46 2014
Author: Christian Irmler 
Project: common 
Subject: AIDA setup operated with TuxDAQ 
Run Number:  
Data: Unknown 

New SIS driver version sis1100-2.13-3 installed on DAQPC. 

To install the driver call as root:

cd /lib/modules/2.6.18-371.3.1.el5/extra

/sbin/modprobe sis1100

Check if /dev/sis* are created.

Managed to run the AIDA setup with old TuxDAQ version from T. Obermayer.

Will now try to install a newer version, which also supports ADC delay scan and internal calibration.

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