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  Belle II and AIDA/Infineon Testbeam at DESY in Jan2014  Not logged in ELOG logo
Message ID: 40     Entry time: Tue Jan 7 21:34:41 2014
Author: Markus Friedl 
Project: Infineon 
Subject: run 
Run Number: run033 
Events: 4.117.024 (4M) 
StartTime: 07.01.2014 21:33:12 
EndTime: 08.01.2014 08:52:37 
Data: Good 

HV=300V  I=8.3uA

position adapted to center beam better (+10mm horizontal)

narrow trigger width (~5ns)

single trigger


Beam energy = 3 GeV


beam gone at 8:00 morning because of scheduled beam development. last few 100 events only noise.

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