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  Alibava testbeam at DESY in Oct. 2017 (Dominic, Peter)  Not logged in ELOG logo
Message ID: 2     Entry time: Mon Oct 16 15:01:21 2017
Author: Dominic Bloech 
DUT: common 
Subject: Preparations 
Run Number:  
Cooling: No 
Data: Unknown 

### General

* Setup was set-up without problems. Pedestral and Calibration runs with ALIBAVA successfully.

** Warning: Trigger Out signal (busy signal) for the TLU is a TTL signal. Whereas the Trigger In signal can be a NIM signal. Either converting signal or adept in the TLU (we adepted the TLU matrix)

** TLU double triggered -> discriminated TLU signal beforehand 

*  Longterm BIAS Voltage for the IFX CenterBias to -100 V, slow control records IV-behavior in 10 sec steps.

* Security lectures taken

* 3 coincident measurements: 2 PM and the FEI4-Plane are connected to an "and" in the TLU

* Latency of Alibava without FEI4-Plane 133 [a.u] with FEI4 140 [a.u].

** Warning: This is due to the converter from the FEI4 which inverts the signal of the FEI4, this signal is then very noisy and would generate false positive triggers. -> Discriminate -> Long cables and latencies

### Other

* NI-Crate was broken (replaced by DESY)

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