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  Alibava/Mapsa testbeam at DESY in April 2017 (Axel, Grossi)  Not logged in ELOG logo
Message ID: 75     Entry time: Sat Apr 15 16:52:06 2017
Author: Axel Koenig 
Project: ALiBaVa (IFX) 
Subject: run_001_Baby_100V.dat 
Run Number: 001 
Events: 250000 
XYPosition: 102.5, 22.5, 240 
Cooling: No 
Data: Unknown 

Remarks: Telescope run 562. Telescope chiller turned off (could be the root cause of runs crashing).

Position: 102.5, 22.5, 240 (should be the center of the sensor).

Parameter Value
Alibava run run_001_Baby_100V.dat
Telescope run 562
Triggers 250000
Alibava trigger eff. ~93%
Beam energy 5.6 GeV
Telescope threshold 6
Bias voltage -100
Latency 132
Table x 102.5 mm
Table z 22.5 mm
Tabe rot

240 deg (parallel to tele. planes)

ELOG V3.1.4-395e101