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  Alibava/Mapsa testbeam at DESY in April 2017 (Axel, Grossi)  Not logged in ELOG logo
Message ID: 140     Entry time: Thu Apr 20 16:05:14 2017
Author: Axel Koenig 
Project: ALiBaVa (IFX) 
Subject: run_013_Irrad_500V.dat 
Run Number: 013 
Events: 750000 
XYPosition: 96, 54, 360 
Cooling: No 
Data: Unknown 

Remarks: Telescope run 643. Bias voltage -500V, central position of sensor (DUT parallel to telescope planes at 360 deg due to different fixation compared to other DUTs). Telescope geometry identical to double irrad module.

Backside Biasing!

Positoj scan vertical.

Telescope chiller turned on (15 deg).

Parameter Value
Alibava run run_013_Irrad_500V.dat
Telescope run 643
Triggers 750000
Alibava trigger eff. ~70%
Beam energy 5.6 GeV
Telescope threshold 6
Bias voltage -500
Latency 132
Table x 96 mm
Table z 54 mm
Tabe rot

360 deg

Temperature at DUT -14.5 +- 1 deg. celsius
Current 39.2 uA
ELOG V3.1.4-395e101