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  Alibava/Mapsa testbeam at DESY in April 2017 (Axel, Grossi)  Not logged in ELOG logo
Message ID: 113     Entry time: Mon Apr 17 19:54:08 2017
Author: Axel Koenig 
Project: ALiBaVa (IFX) 
Subject: run_007_HPK_CB_150V.dat 
Run Number: 007 
Events: 300000 
XYPosition: 107, 2.6, 240 
Cooling: No 
Data: Unknown 

Remarks: Telescope run 611. Bias scan 150 V. Bias scan. Run crashed at 294000 triggers!

Telescope chiller turned off (could be the root cause of runs crashing).

Parameter Value
Alibava run run_007_HPK_CB_150V.dat
Telescope run 611
Triggers 300000
Alibava trigger eff. ~62%
Beam energy 5.6 GeV
Telescope threshold 6
Bias voltage -150
Latency 132
Table x 107 mm
Table z 2.6 mm
Tabe rot

240 deg

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