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  4   Wed Apr 23 13:37:18 2008 Markus FriedlSPS Testbeam June08sourcehybrid 01analysis results of source testIgnore the "KEK November 2007" title - that's
a legacy and is already changed :-)
  3   Wed Apr 23 13:05:05 2008 Christian IrmlerSPS Testbeam June08sourcehybrid 01time correlation between TDC and sensor measurement -> 3.1 ns RMS   vie_run001_tpeak_vs_TDC.gif 
  2   Tue Apr 22 19:34:09 2008 Markus FriedlSPS Testbeam June08modulehybrid 01Properties of hybrid 01, sensor fully bonded, HV=100VHV bias glued to backplane, HV=100V  6x 
  1   Fri Apr 18 17:23:26 2008 Markus FriedlSPS Testbeam June08hybridhybrid 01Noise of hybrid 01, sensor fully bonded, no HVHV bias not yet glued to backplane  hybrid01_sen_nohv_pednoise_apv0.pnghybrid01_sen_nohv_pednoise_apv1.png 
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