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Message ID: 27     Entry time: Thu May 8 16:51:57 2014
Type: Measurement 
Author: Benedikt Würkner 
Project: Belle II 
Subject: No 2 of 6 room temperature measurements using Sr90 Source (single) 
Object ID: L3 module 
Measurement Type: source 
Run Number: run08 

Failed with Error: "***ERROR*** Init NECO failed,  Return code: -32761"

Restarted and it works again

Sr90 Radioactive Source
No cooling
Module position: -27:0(top center)
HV Turned to +40,-40V with currents. +0.97 and -1.0 µA

N+1.25V current: 0.22A
N+2.50V current: 0.57A
P+1.25V current: 0.26A
P+2.50V current: 0.73A

Events: 200000

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